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CinchTax is a professional Tax Preparation Service that allow users to quickly and easily send their tax documents to us so we can prepare them. But that’s not all, when your return is done you will have the opportunity to speak with us via video conference for the most amazing customer support around!.

Unlike most self-prepare softwares where it’s YOU doing the return or having to lug all your documents to a tax professional’s office, you just send your stuff to us and we handle it from there! Professionally prepared by CPAs or EAs then e-filed once you approve the return with your signature. We save you so much time you may even start liking tax time, like we do.

  • No traveling to a tax preparer
  • No acting as a tax preparer and fumbling with software.
  • The relief that your return will be correct. We check each and every return no less than 3 times.
  • Easy upload, computer or mobile.
  • Ridiculously easy to get your taxes done.
Start Today, Make Tax Time Easy!
Nakowicz Financial Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing exceptional service to ensure the success of small businesses and families.
We are not only here to offer financial planning, outsource accounting, income tax preparation, investments, insurance, and other financial consulting. We are here to be your friend, with numerous newsletters and a friendly, inviting environment to make some of the hard decisions easier. Our newsletters discuss a myriad of topics, such as changes in tax laws, services and opportunities, and even many glimpses into the lives of Nakowicz Financial.
Nakowicz Financial promises to always provide the best possible work to you. We have our Three CheckPoint Policy, where each and every return goes through an extensive quality control policy and is always reviewed three times to assure its compliance and correctness. We also offer our No Stress Tax Assurance, which protects your return even if you omit something.

We Work Hard So You Don't Have To!

Tax season is only for tax preparers. That's why this service is so important, we help get you sorted so you can sit back and know you are all set.

Wonderful Clients Helped & Counting
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+ Hours of Tax Season
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$16000 starting at
  • Simple Personal Return Filing
  • One or Two w-2
  • Standard Deduction

Personal w/ Itemize

$25500 starting at
  • Complex Personal Return Filing
  • Multiple w-2
  • Itemized Deduction

Sole Bus. or Rental

$26000 starting at
  • Complex Personal Return Filing
  • Multiple w-2
  • Itemized Deduction
  • Small Business – Schedule C
  • Schedule E Rentals

Additonal States

  • Any State
  • Multiple States
  • County or City Tax Returns

Special Forms

  • We can prepare and file all sort of special forms
  • Schedule D - Cap Gains

Start and Finish Your Taxes Today!

Sign up here and we will contact you within 24-hours. Remember this year's taxes are almost done once you hit "Send"!

Your taxes are done! In minutes, not hours or even days. Tax season is only a good time for tax preparers. We understand that! The last thing you want to do or worry about is your taxes. Just send your documents to us. We handle it from there!

That's it. Your return will be professional prepared and e-filed, no self-preparing, no wasted time, no mess!