Trust & Estate Services

Nakowicz Financial can help plan your Trust or Estate for maximum tax efficiency, or deal with on-going tax compliance paperwork (such as form 1041 filings) on your behalf.

Get Expert Tax Planning Advice For Your Trust or Estate

At Nakowicz Financial, we know the tax code in and out — and you can leverage our extensive experience when planning your Trust or Estate to ensure that you minimize any tax implications that may arise in the process. 

When planning our creating your Trust or Estate, we can work with your Attorney and follow through with completion of any required tax forms and advise the best course for allocating assets.

If you have not already appointed an Attorney, Nakowicz Financial has a trusted network of professionals that we can refer to that specialize in this field.


Already Have a Trust or Estate? We’re Here To Help.

Don’t be burden yourself with paperwork or risk any penalties that could arise from late fiings. Nakowicz Financial can handle all aspects of Trusts and Estates when it comes to taxes, such as filing your Form 1041 return both accurately and on time. 

We can also review the assets of your Trust or Estate, provide reporting on performance, and provide ongoing guidance to ensure that everything is structured for tax efficiancy and longevity in an ever changing economy.



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