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Xero Accounting – What will your company do differently in 2015?

Maybe Xero accounting software is that thing. From Facebook, this post offers up a really great question. What will your company do differently in 2015? Even companies can have New Year's Resolutions. Xero accounting software could be one of those changes.  Please follow this link BLOG to leave comments of what you are planning to [...]

Best Small Business Ideas: How a Mission-Oriented Company Can Also Turn a Profit

If you want to effect change in the world–without going bankrupt in the process–here are a few rules to follow.  BY MELISSA CANTOR AND CAROLINA CANTORThis story first appeared on Women2.comWith 84 percent of millennials worldwide saying that they’d rather make a difference in the world than achieve career recognition, it’s no surprise that mission-oriented companies are on the rise. But starting [...]

Beach or Bean Counting?

Like your nights and weekends back? The time you are supposed to be on the beach playing with your kids? We know the process for most small business owners, has long been: fumbling through small business accounting software and coming up with some sort of records or at minimum a check register. Never really having [...]