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Xero #1 Fastest Growing Accounting Software of All Time

With over 540,000+ Users and counting, Xero is the fastest growing and trusted accounting software on the market.

Nakowicz Financial Teamed with Xero Just Makes Smart Business

Teaming with Nakowicz Financial, now you have a powerhouse that will help to grow your business and get on with your life. You get all the tools to get your books done, move on and grow your business or have more personal time, Nakowicz Financial is the fastest growing and most trusted Xero accountants in Rhode Island.

We find that you can effect more change, faster by adjusting or modifying everyday process.

By simply using the data in your bank account feeds to assemble your books, you can cut that process by at least half. I think we can all agree that verifying the data is thousands, or millions of times easier than creating the data. When your books are in order the real process starts. Now instead of paying for a bookkeeper, accountant, business advisor, etc. you get all those in our service. Paying for what is really important: advice and compliance. We now can effectively manage the financials providing you with better detail to make those decision that before you might have guessed on.

  • Automate your books, get on with your life.
  • Real-time collaboration with us, your advisors
  • Beautiful reports with reconciled data on a daily basis.
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Amazing: Get Work Done Anywhere!

Xero is multi-platform: Windows, Mac, Mobile  Apple    Android

So wherever you are you can get work done, know where you stand to make smart business decisions, or just feel comfortable taking a vacation.

You can really do your books on your phone… promise, we do ours!


The Tool Kit i.e. What We Do For You:

  • Intuitive, Uncomplicated Pricing – Fixed monthly pricing to fit all businesses.
  • This decision will change your work life and make your personal life better.
  • We can run your payroll, with complete compliance assurance.
  • We see tax issues before they become tax issues. It’s because we’re monitoring your finances monthly.
  • You have questions, don’t be afraid to contact us. Successful people work with successful people, we can learn from each other.
  • 24/7 access to your own private, secure portal. Upload important documents or notices, we have instant access to help you.



Learn More about Xero!

Watch these short videos, & like most viewers you will see how awesome the software really is!


I love Xero, I wasted so much time with QuickBooks only to be told by Mike and John that it was wrong. Not to mention they had to charge me additional fees for those corrections. Now I just periodically touch the books and they’re done. I love Xero!
Sean B., Local Sales Company
I kept going for loan after loan, getting denied each time. This was my QuickBooks files we’re so messed up. Once I moved over to Xero, life started getting better. I spend way less time and I know I’m reconciled because it tells me, automatically.
Fred M., Local Retail Company
I’ve been using Nakowicz Financial for my Business and Personal Taxes and I have them run my payroll. They’ve continual help me with problem that my last provider made mistakes on. I’m still paying for those mistakes, but John and Mike are still there in my corner.
Kristine H., Local Consulting

Wait until you see it in action!

As business owners we’ve seen it all, right? Once you see Xero in action, you’ll see that it truly is an amazing product. Just see what these people said about all about the features and how awesome it is!

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