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We are an accounting firm that thinks different and has taken steps to always be pro-client. So to say we, “Always do right by our clients!” We hear all the horror stories every year. From payroll taxes not being paid to “I never hear from my accountant.” We are always available and always ready for your questions.

It’s all about connection. Building connections, providing connections, creation connections. We want to help you, your family, and/or your company become and continue being a success through professional financial services – tax preparation, payroll services, retirement planning, small business accounting – and be being you ally.

We see it as 3 simple steps to get you going.

We discover your struggles, analyze improvements, provide solutions and discuss implementation to create a platform of success that is sure to bring you a bright future. Contact Us to Learn More >>

What We Do?

How We Do It?

Tax Preparation

We know Tax. Your situation is solved. With a Master in Taxation and an Enrolled Agent, we've seen it all.

Let the Experts Help You

We have combined tax preparation experience of more than half a century. Every year we study the changes in Rhode Island taxes and Federal taxes and put them into action to save you money. This is why clients choose us over the competition every year.

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Financial Planning

Your money is an ever evolving process. That's why we are here all year long for your questions.

We're Your Partner

We don’t just prepare your tax returns, we also have financial advisors for your retirement plan. A good retirement plan is very important these days. People are living longer and now need more money to sustain their comfortability.

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Business Services

Xero is hands down the simplest and most user friendly accounting package for all small businesses.

Xero, Books for Small Business Owners

Automate your bookkeeping so you can get on with your business. Only Xero allows you to do this. You usually buy the same things and having similar types of income, by setting up some simple rules, you get your books done in seconds flat.

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Tax Preparation

Whether you need help with your family or personal tax preparation or you own a business, here in Rhode Island or around the country we can help. We have many clients just like you. We process returns from almost every state in the United States. We also prepare several returns from individuals and businesses outside of the US needing to prepare Federal Returns. You need a tax professional who can stay on top of the increasingly complex tax laws and take advantage of all the credits and deductions that you work hard to deserve.

Your tax needs are as unique as you are, and our approach to tax planning – state tax or federal tax – is tailored to your needs and goals. We can address your immediate financial concern and discuss long-term solutions. With our solid understanding of the tax code, we can help you no matter what your needs. Learn More!

Who Are We

Nakowicz Financial Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing exceptional service to ensure the success of small businesses and families.

Philosophy We Strive For

Our Rhode Island family owned financial business has shown us not only that family businesses can work, but that John and Marsha are still happy to be working together. Our consistent energy gaining the trust of our clients has created a very valuable clientele that continues to refer new clients everyday. John is a Certified Public Accountant with Master’s Degree in Taxation (from his alma mater then Bryant College now Bryant University) as well as being licensed with a Series 6 and 7, enabling him to offer insurance and various investment products such as IRAs, 401k, annuities, life insurance, long term disability, etc. John and Marsha began their public office in 1997, originating from a small seasonal home tax business. After completing our fifteenth year, Nakowicz Financial Services has grown to employ staff throughout the year and become a full service financial accounting firm.

Nakowicz Financial Services has shown increasing growth in recent years which has given us the ability and strength to offer even more to our clients. With our complete expertise, in the industries of financial planning, tax preparation, and retirement planning, we are able to offer our clients an individual path to wealth and financial happiness.

We are not only here to offer financial planning, outsource accounting, income tax preparation, investments, insurance, and other financial consulting. We are here to be your friend, with numerous newsletters and a friendly, inviting environment to make some of the hard decisions easier. Our newsletters discuss a myriad of topics, such as changes in tax laws, services and opportunities, and even many glimpses into the lives of Nakowicz Financial.

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